Edtech Email Marketing: Strategies to Boost Results

EdTech industry is evolving at a very fast pace, bringing forth fresh thoughts, mindsets, and limitless opportunities for students. According to a report by “Research and Markets,” the global e-learning market amounted to US$253.3 billion in 2021 and is predicted to hit US$ 521.8 billion in 2022, despite the uncertainties of COVID-19. Because of the sudden increase in market value and forecast for the future, Edtech companies must focus on marketing strategies to increase customer acquisition.



Email marketing might appear to be an afterthought in the online education space—many edtech businesses acquire their audiences by giving free trials, then rely on other strategies to attract them back once they’ve converted. However, email remains one of the most direct methods to reach out to the target group (TG) and help them find your product or service. Edtech companies which are not experimenting with Email marketing, need to look at this tool more pragmatically! Here are some email marketing strategies for edtech companies.

Clarify your purpose.

  • Setting objectives is essential for success. Unclear objectives lead to loss of concentration and direction and email marketing is no exception. Hence, defining objectives gain paramount importance before launching an email marketing campaign as it aids the achievement of measurable outcomes. Ensuring email marketing objectives should be connected with organization’s wider goals have a positive influence on bottom line. The following are typical email marketing campaign objectives:
    • Increasing Participation
    • Brand Recognition
    • Lead Generation
    • Customers Acquisition
    • Profit Generation

Tailored Marketing List

  • Email marketing campaigns run with the right data base have quite significant impact. For example, in the edtech business, the email which include students and freshers who are eager to improve their abilities in order to secure a job is seen to have a greater conversion ratio.

Content Shared in Emails

  • Businesses must ensure that the email content should not only be well-defined and accurate, but it should also be relatable to the receiver. Some suggested content:
    • Make it simple for students to get started.
    • For incremental enrolment, emphasize real-world application.
    • Recommendation of appropriate and relatable courses increases enrollment.
    • Increase course purchases by personalizing course suggestions.
    • Create a sense of urgency in students.
    • Capture Voice of Customer (VOC). This is the most effective tool.

Create Email Design

  • Emails which are NOT creative, are NOT read! This is especially true for edtech business. Some suggested ways to make your email look fantastic:
    • Layout – With students and youth being the target audience, vibrancy in colour as well as content attracts!
    • Communicate – Be relatable to the target audience. Testimonials help a lot. Hence, make it an essential part of your content.
    • Highlight the USP of brand/service
    • Create an email that is responsive.

Know the email being sent

  • Different kinds of email may be used for email marketing. Some suggested Email types:
    • Welcome email
    • Newsletter
    • Confirmation emails
    • Offers
    • A new course has begun
    • Make follow-ups
    • Achievements and testimonials