How AI Based Chatbots are Radically Reconstructing Customer Service Experience

With increasing choices and options, customer retention has become a critical factor for businesses. Customer service is proving to be the catalyst and its management techniques are critical to the success of any business. Intelligent automation of customer care services has become a priority for organisations as cognitive technologies such as artificial intelligence, Chatbots and Natural Language Processing (NLP) improve. According to a Pew Research report, 36% of smartphone users use mobile messengers. In the 18–29 age group, this number jumps to 49%. As the world is developing, so are the technologies used in maintaining good customer service experience.

Current Situation:

There are several flaws with the traditional customer service system that can be remedied with the aid of AI:

  • When a human representative answers a client call and does not know the answer, the client is placed on wait. Even when they discover a solution to the problem and tell the consumer, it takes more time and eventually costs more.
  • Customer Service Agents are frequently unaware of the client’s situation, necessitating a re-explaining of the entire situation, making the overall experience not so good for the client. According to recent surveys, the typical customer support request takes a stunning 12 hours to resolve. While the obvious solution is to “hire more agents”. This is not an option for small organizations and entrepreneurs.
  • 9 out of 10 clients now expect organizations to deliver excellent customer service across all possible communication channels.

AI-powered customer service Chatbots transform the assistance since they not only influence support but also automate operations across sales and marketing verticals. It is simple to give better timely service at various checkpoints of the customer journey with customer care bots boosting operational efficiency and improving customer engagement.                                                                                   

Real-world use cases and benefits of AI in customer service:

  • Elevated Big Data Accessibility

    To optimize an organization’s profitability, it is critical for businesses to collect usable information about consumers and evaluate it in a way that is advantageous to the firm. Artificial intelligence assists in effectively evaluating massive data and producing findings that are comprehended easily. With this approach, businesses may acquire a deep understanding of their target audience and use their time to develop innovative approaches based on data.

  • Eliminate Manpower Constraints

    Businesses that use human representatives to assist with customer experiences may face capacity constraints and limited growth. It takes time to increase workforce in response to demand. Even with sufficient representatives, each representative can only serve one customer at a time. This limitation results in a wait time for certain consumers. Balancing the amount of personnel with the amount of consumer calls may become a challenge.

    With no capacity limitations, A single chatbot may connect to endless customers and act as a personalized digital assistant for everyone. Virtual assistants improve customer experience by significantly reducing wait times.

  • Omnichannel Experience
    Assume a customer visits a website and becomes interested in product or service and uses the chat feature to ask a small question. They might recall a question but are unable to use the Chatbot feature at the time, so they send you a quick email. If your response email does not follow up where the customer left previous interaction, it disrupts the experience. Chatbots can save data across platforms, and even when the discussion is transferred to a live person, clients do not have to reiterate their problem/issue.

  • Significantly reduced Customer Support Expenses

    Implementing a Chatbot helps a business to save expenses on hiring more customer support agents, their training and infrastructure maintenance. It can assist in handling many interactions at once and dealing with a growing amount of client demands while maintaining expenses under control.

    Customer service bots can be fed with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) continuously to aid them to better comprehend the client’s needs and offer an appropriate answer/solution.

  • Chatbots establish new acquaintances and foster partnerships

    Most businesses wish their customer care representatives had more time to establish external, proactive communication with customers. Chatbots are here to serve, and in certain respects, they are improving the way organizations communicate with their customers. Chatbots are helping to develop brand loyalty, whether it’s a simple email or text on a customer’s birthday, or a fast check-in to see whether they’re enjoying the company’s product or service.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Customer Service Experience?

Although Chatbots cannot do everything, they can greatly assist at practically every point of the customer care life cycle.


Automate your Customer Care flows with “PinBot”. PinBot is one of the best platforms where you build Chatbot channels to make your brand talk and sell to customers through real-time messaging.


With PinBot you create bots that open automated sales, customer service, scheduling or any other type of relationship channels. It is an artificial intelligence platform that interprets customers’ input or behaviour and produces feedback in form of text messages, Images, GIFs, Audios or Videos during the chats conversation. PinBot works with predefined actions and menus provided by your company, it serves and talks to your consumers 24/7.


  • Genuine lead generations: Leads captured are genuine and real-time, as it is initiated by the consumer
  • No need to download: Interaction via a chat interface, no need to download, Install, or upgrade. A whole new way for consumers to engage.
  • New and exciting trend: An online virtual assistant to answer questions, helps consumers make transactions in a conversational way.
  • Always on: It’s trusted and reliable, always accurate. It works and serves your consumers without fail, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Saves time and money: Automated response and support flows reduce the efforts in sales and customer support. Chat Bots are making lives of businesses and customers easy creating a ‘Win-Win’
  • Flexible and Scalable: Dynamically scalable to handle huge transactions to a much larger audience with the ability to escalate a situation to a human agent when required
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