How EdTech organizations can benefit by utilising WhatsApp Business API

Education, like all other industries, is not immune to the communication revolution that is altering our personal and professional lives. Online communication between groups of students, professors and students, academic institutions and their personnel, organizations and potential students has grown in popularity over the previous decade.



Traditional methods such as websites and emails were being overtaken by social media. Today, social media is losing ground to a new competitor: messaging applications.



Smartphone technology is increasingly being employed in administration and teaching in educational institutions across the world. It provides students with more opportunities and possibilities in the context of both online and offline training.


Particularly, Generation Z (16-24 years old) — demand that all consumer interactions should be mobile-first. According to a research by American Express and Forrester Consulting:



“Gen Z ushers in a new era of empowered and entitled consumption… Business executives must become client obsessive and provide experiences based on empathy and usefulness such as immediacy, personalisation, security, and entertainment.”



Among today’s students, WhatsApp is the most popular method of communication. WhatsApp Business API has an open rate of more than 98 % rich media messaging, and the capacity to broadcast messages to a large number of applicants at once.

Educational Marketing via WhatsApp

Due to the ever-increasing competitiveness further spurred by the introduction of online education choices, educational institutions were obliged to innovate. Today, individuals have no issue recognising and treating education like any other market, expecting user and consumer experience worthy of their time, money and attention. And therefore, much like any other company, academic institutions and organisations have to market their brand.



Students, guardians, and instructors are all searching the internet for knowledge, examining everything from official sites to social networking sites and peer evaluations. With practically every academic organization having a good web presence, it’s difficult to distinguish out.  WhatsApp Business API provides academic establishments with a new communication channel that is significantly more individualized and far less congested than the others.



Below are use cases of how to employ WhatsApp for educational marketing


  • Lead Generation and Qualification: Rather than utilising landing sites, online marketing, and even fliers to entice potential students to swap their email for electronic material such as course descriptions and curriculums, why not refer them to WhatsApp? Hence instead of asking for their email, the organization will have their direct mobile number and accessibility to the candidates on a platform which they visit multiple times a day enabling not only to produce but also maintain the lead.

  • Customers’ Satisfaction & Relationship Building: WhatsApp helps an academic organization in managing student-institution relationships and enables an organization to give tailored services at scale. For example WhatsApp can be used for keeping a track of students regularly, keeping them informed and intrigued with activities and happenings without making them use a separate platform.

  • Being Consistent: The responsibility of an organization doesn’t cease after its students satisfactorily complete the course they bought. Continuous engagement with students can assist in retaining students, providing support to the students currently enrolled and improvisation in the teaching quality and organizations profile.

Teaching and Learning via WhatsApp

Teachers have been experimenting with WhatsApp on a modest scale for some time now due to the widespread use of smart mobile phones.


More and more courses, both online and in the conventional classroom, are using mobile technology. Positive impacts such as enhanced partnership and coordination, as well as a better social environment, all serve to sustain this trend.

Below are the ways to utilise WhatsApp Business API to increase knowledge acquisition during the learning process.

  • Instant Notifications: Transferring Information, Class Management, Keeping students up-to-date etc. are some communication use cases which are efficient in saving time that would have otherwise been wasted on attempting to communicate through slower-moving modes of communication. With WhatsApp business API organizational level of control can also be achieved not just in individual classrooms but also in privately created groups as well, such as strengthening efficiency, enhancement of learning and Motivating pupils to be more engaged in their studies because they’re more likely to be constantly updated and prepared for the individual courses.

  • Quick Accessibility: One of the recurring issues in education is unequal availability of resources. Using WhatsApp API, instructors and professors may utilize the official course/class conversations to improve the accessibility to learning resources. As a result, learning exercises are automatically improved. In both the classroom and the institution, WhatsApp makes it easy to share URLs, photographs, videos, and audio files.

  • Enhancing Team spirit: WhatsApp’s group chat may be used to foster a spirit of cooperation among students and foster a sense of teamwork among the students. Students can better collaborate with one another and with the instructor when they engage in open discussion.

  • Daily Quizzes: WhatsApp Business API installation may also help the organization keep their students engaged by creating a variety quizzes or short daily tasks – particularly if conducting online courses. Using this approach, an academic organization can guarantee that the students stay interested as well as boost the understanding and value of the course.

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