Ideas to keep learners involved post-pandemic!

The way we learn will never be the same again. The Coronavirus had many downsides, but it was a godsend for all online learning platforms. People’s abundance of time pushed them to make the most of it by learning something new. All of the e-learning platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, Unacademy, Byju’s, and others were the go-to options for learning something new. However, when the world slowly reopens after months of lockdown due to the pandemic, many businesses are struggling to keep their clients engaged. This is especially true for educational institutions, which face challenges in keeping students interested and registered in courses.



Many of these platforms have begun to employ various retention methods, the most popular of which being course discounts. Will, however, these conventional methods be sufficient to keep students enrolled? More and more people are returning to their regular life, leaving less time to study online, and students are returning to schools and universities. To help these EdTech companies gain more learners and keep them for as long as possible, new and innovative strategies must be implemented.

Here is a list of some creative ways to keep Learners engaged:

  1. Increase Student Involvement:
    • To increase a learner’s involvement, EdTech firms can utilize images and animations more effectively, making it easier for teachers to explain and students to learn. Furthermore, interactive quizzes, peer reviews, and online discussion forums enhance learner engagement. Using resources like audio, video, slideshows, and interactive tools can help to guarantee that students are not distracted.

  2. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for better learning experience:
    • EdTech companies can deliver a better user experience for their students and keep them coming back for more by leveraging the power of technology. AI chatbots are one method that can be deployed. You may provide students with 24/7 help and answer any queries they may have by incorporating a chatbot into your website or app. This is especially beneficial for students who are having difficulty adjusting to schools and colleges reopening and have less time to study online.
    • We can learn more about the preferences and dislikes of people by using AI (Artificial Intelligence). All of the data gathered during the epidemic can provide a detailed understanding of learners’ habits, interests, and industry focus. Edtech companies can utilize this knowledge to retain current customers by marketing courses and services tailored to their individual needs.
    • AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies that send personalized course and resource recommendations to learners can increase course enrollment. Tracking individual student progress and directing students’ attention to weak areas can also help to establish trust between edtech firms, students, and parents. The WhatsApp API is the most effective tool for communicating with students and their parents. The perks of using the WhatsApp business API include easily accessible templates for various purposes, such as progress alerts, billings, customer feedback, and instant response to user queries.

  3. Use of Right Email automation Strategy:
    • When utilized appropriately, email automation may be one of the most effective marketing strategies, particularly for edtech firms. Sending personalized free resources, e-books, or a plan to acquire a certain skill utilizing different course modules can increase learner interest in multiple courses. Notifications regarding webinars, industry developments, and new courses sent via email will capture people’s attention, especially if the content given is relevant to the consumers’ specific interests. Explore the Email Automation features provided by Pinnacle Teleservices.

  4. Effectiveness of users generated content:
    • User-generated content can be a significant tool that edtech firms can use. User-generated content, such as techniques for remembering the periodic table offered by a student, can initiate a peer conversation, leading to improved peer engagement. Users’ desire to create their own content may lead to more time spent studying and on edtech platforms.

  5. Adding Arcade to Edtech platform:
    • It is critical to make the edtech platform entertaining in order to entice customers to explore the entire platform. Small activities such as spin the wheel, try your luck, and quizzes relevant to the courses the learner is interested in can entice the learner to enroll. Peer-to-peer competitions on edtech platforms can help draw more students onto the platform, benefiting in data collection and analysis. This data analysis can assist edtech firms in reaching out to more potential clients through various channels such as the WhatsApp API, emails, and SMS. Furthermore, this data can provide insights to help retain existing customers and sell them additional services and products.

Finally, keep in mind that the post-pandemic environment will be different from what people are used to. This means that edtech companies must be flexible and adapt to the demands of students. Staying ahead of the curve allows the firms to give their students the best experience possible and keep students coming back for more. Pinnacle is ready to assist you in your journey with Chatbots, WhatsApp API, Email Automation and more.

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