Business Automation

Do you want to greet your new customers with a message? Or offer free vouchers to the clients that sign up?


Make your interactions with your clients richer and more profitable by automating your marketing actions, with our user-friendly platform to trigger actions based on predicted consumer replies.

Real-time Reports and Detailed Analytics

Do you want to know which product feature do your clients prefer? or how many and which users used the last discount coupons you sent? Or which leads turned into a client?


Our platform enables you to track the performance of your campaigns in real-time and obtain actionable insights. Also, the detailed analytics assists you in staying on target and profit more effectively.

Upgrade your CRM with List Segmentation

Want to divide your customers into different groups on the basis of any custom criteria or country, state, or city?

Our platform allows you to create dynamic groups based on your needs and send more relevant and targeted marketing campaigns!

Web Forms Integration with CRM

Do you want to capture user details, and feedback, or conduct surveys?


Free yourself from n numbers of Excel sheets. Create customized forms that will capture all the information and automatically import it to your CRM.

Create mobile-optimized templates

Our platform offers a simple drag-and-drop campaign builder and mobile-responsive templates to ensure that your campaigns look great on all sizes of screen.

SMS Shortcode Keyword

Did you know that it takes an average of 90 seconds for someone to react to a text?

Allow your consumers to interact with you using SMS keywords and stay in touch with them when they are in hurry.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate your Payment gateways easily into your campaigns using our platform.

Stunning marketing strategies will entice your customers to buy immediately when they are salivating over your amazing products or services.

API Integration

With our extensive API integration options, you can send customized email and SMS marketing campaigns from the comfort of your own CRM.

99.99% Service Uptime

24×7 Accessible Solution

Get high ROI and 99.97% delivery for Transactional / OTP messaging with our technologically advanced platform and API that are developed reliably to serve with 99.9% uptime. This enables your enterprise to manage limitless messaging to reach your clients globally.

Why choose Pinnacle Messaging Service?

Robust platform with highly scalable infrastructure

Real-time reporting with precise delivery status, click report and download options

99.97% delivery rate for Transactional or OTP messages

99.99% service uptime

Real-time intelligent routing with redundant connectivity

Supports Unicode, WAP, Flash, Business Card, and more features in SMS

Supports Unlimited Keywords in 2-way messaging

Engage users with Surveys, Feedback forms, Coupons, Tickets, Vouchers, Barcodes, or Web pages

Empower campaigns to go beyond 160 characters with MMS messaging

Messaging Summary

Overview, of how your different messages will look at the client end

Transactional/ OTP Messaging

Transactional/ OTP Messaging

Send transactional SMS to your registered users, such as information, OTPs, and notifications.Transactional/OTP messages are delivered to both DND & Non-DND users.

Promotional Messaging

Promotional Messaging

Send messages to promote or advertise your product, brand, or service. This is a compliant service to execute bulk SMS campaigns to your clients about product promotions, offers and discounts.

Flash Messaging

Flash Messaging

Share information with your client that appears on their mobile screen right away without requiring the recipient to save (exceptional) or access them.

Multimedia Messaging

Multimedia Messaging

Send multimedia messages that include phone numbers, music and video files, and images. You can also check the click through rate for the links added to your message to know the success rate of your campaign.

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