Reasons why businesses will always need SMS

SMS, the unsung hero, is the default messaging app and is still extremely popular among businesses. It’s not surprising, then, that businesses are expected to send trillions of messages each year. According to several reports. Businesses may want to adopt newer mobile engagement channels such as WhatsApp Business and, eventually, RCS. However, SMS is not going away.


Here are some of the top reasons why businesses must still depend on conventional text messaging to communicate with their customers:



SMS promotional messages have a high Return OnInvestment (ROI) owing to low cost per message and high response rates. Contacting thousands of customers in a short period of time, on the other hand, can be costly using other method/s.


Almost all businesses need a low-cost marketing strategy that could yield positive resultsin order to keep the engine running.

High Reachability:

SMS being a default service with every mobile connection makes it the natural choice of each and every mobile subscriber.Customermay not use WhatsApp or any other messaging app but will surely have access to text messages. Hence, SMS becomes omnipresent and thus widely reachable.


Although phones are becoming smart these days, yet in third world countries and rural areas still witnesses more reliability on the SMS. Now a new report by Ericsson suggests that almost 35% to 40% of phone users in the world are best reached through SMS. This quintessential feature cannot be ignored hence, becomes a fertile ground for marketeers.

Fast delivery & open rates:

90% of text messages are opened and read within 3 minutes. This makes it very precious in terms of marketing for businesses and opens the door for a wide range of marketing techniques which otherwise are not available on other platforms.


Consider this: how often do you stop at the mall or on the street to read a flyer? How often do you check your email account’s rubbish or spam folder? SMS messages instead are not ignored letting marketing materials for instant or later access. This makes it very powerful when combined with the right data and targeting the right audience. Data analytics can be used to know target audience and then leveraging SMS techniques to cash on open rates. 


SMS as marketing tool, is agnostic of mobile data availability. Hence, has a huge advantage over other methods.

Protected & trusted:

Even if one operator goes out of business, data transmission via SMS is always safeguarded by the legislation of the state. They must not only follow the laws of the operating country, but they must also compete in a competitive environment. Hence, the text messages are betterprotectedand the service providers have to send the message and can be held answerable if they refuse or fail to deliver the message. Hence, SMS deliver rate is almost 99%!!! (including the retry mechanism).

Easy & Simple:

SMS is one of the most convenient methods to interact with consumers. Everyone knows how to send and read a text message, from toddlers to the family’s oldest member. This makes SMS marketing perfect for all age groups.


Every business, from small businesses to multinational corporations, employs text messaging to engage customers in a variety of ways. SMS marketing may be used to run competitions and prizes, get client feedback through surveys, schedule appointments, and much more.


SMS marketing can be further personalised for clients depending on whether businesses use a shortcode or a long code. Short codes are ideal for mass communications, whereas lengthy codes are preferable for communication on a smaller scale. Whatever form of code used, Compliance to FCC’s rules is a must.

Global marketing:

Text messages are intended for everyone with a competent mobile device and access to a cell phone signal. As a result, organizations can instantly contact millions of individuals, anytime, anywhere.


Considering up to 4 billion mobile phones in use daily (globally), SMS is one of the few technologies that is uniformly synchronised across all worldwide mobile phone providers allowing communication across the globe.


To Summarise, Popularity of SMS texting is expanding hence, organizations cannot lose out on what may be a highly profitable way to reach out to current and prospective customers. It can also benefit almost all businesses being faster, simpler, reliable, and scalable for both existing and prospective enterprises due to its cost effectiveness.