Build Trust and Achieve More with Timely Communications

BFSIs are evolving their communication approach as a consequence of enhanced digitization, the adoption of a cashless economy, and changing consumer preferences. Any solution that improves client communication and enhances service speed while doubling accuracy would be immensely beneficial to BFSIs. Increase engagement with best-in-class communication experience with Pinnacle.


Deliver your transactional, OTPs, and promotional messages securely and timely to the consumer.



Power up the campaigns with the most cost-effective and high ROI email solutions.

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API

Reach more than 2 billion users with fast, reliable, encrypted, and AI/ML-enabled WhatsApp Business API.



Procreate tailored voice call solutions and seamlessly reach millions in a day in various global languages.

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    Secure and Reliable Infrastructure for All Services

    Pinnacle offers infrastructures that meet the highest security, performance, and reliability standards with on-premise setup, proactive monitoring, and 24×7 customer support. With 99.9% system uptime, any consumer will never have to face concerns with the real-time update from their service provider.

    Seamless Integration of Existing Application

    Implement Pinnacle’s APIs and Plug-ins with the existing banking infrastructure and applications and achieve seamless communication solutions for the consumers. This enables the existing organization staff the comfort of using their own application, reducing the training period for the new system.

    Automated Customer Service with Live Chat Connection

    Provide easy solutions by automating the responses for the consumer’s queries with Pinnacle’s bot solution. By adopting this solution, any BFSI can reduce operational costs by 30%. In case, the consumer’s concern is not resolved by the bot, they can directly connect with the customer support team by using the bot responses.

    High ROI with 99.97%* Message Delivery Rate

    The financial sector is majorly based on high ROI and secured logins, hence Pinnacle’s services provide the highest delivery rate at 99.97% delivery for transactional and OTP messages. This enhances the customer satisfaction rate and customer loyalty to the business.

    Drive Conversions and Business Growth with the WhatsApp Business Platform

    Re-engage existing customers and drive conversions with a 42% increase in net margin interest income as 37% of all conversions are via WhatsApp. Enhance the efficiency of the BFSI services via the WhatsApp Business Platform for customer verification, sharing plans and statements, and much more.

    Java-Based SMS Application

    As some enterprises require Java-based message sending applications, hence Pinnacle has specially developed this message sending application that enables these enterprises to send text messages from their database server and maintain real-time delivery reports.