Real Estate

Lead Quality & Conversions Improved

The real estate sector is fast changing from a pre-COVID world to a post-COVID world with customer behaviors guiding this change. It is one of the few sectors that has seen this change dramatically impact the business practices including communication with customers. Thankfully automation has saved the customer interaction and also ensured better customer experience and conversions. Pinnacle has been a frontrunner to help Real Estate Enterprises deliver on the changing requirements.

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    The Changing Customer Behaviors

    Apart from the spending habits of the customers, the entire experience of soliciting a property has completely evolved. The lack of traditional marketing channels such as newspapers and outdoors did affect the lead generation process, wherein social distancing protocols meant no personal visits to ascertain the property. All these changes drove the real estate sector to a new era of marketing and sales conversions.

    Delivering Responsive Customer Experience

    Pinnacle’s end-to-end marketing solutions are the first step of change that the real estate sector experienced to deliver the campaigns to the changing customer behavior. With services such as WhatsApp business solutions, the discovery of property by soliciting customers took a new shape and positively improved the business ROIs. The automation enabled seamless follow-ups and closures without the buyers waiting for responses and communication.

    Seamless Information & Responses

    The integration of various communication channels and automation of the marketing process has helped the real estate sector with streamlining the information flow and responses. The real estate sector, where according to research only 16% of buyers are ready to wait for an entire business day for their query, has been immensely helped by the timely responses that our systems could provide which resulted in high closures.

    Better Engagement & Higher ROI

    Pinnacle with its bouquet of products and services has played a critical role in delivering better engagement and higher ROI to its real estate clientele. With some of the new offerings in the pipeline that will add a gamut of features for this particular sector, Pinnacle places itself as a leader in real estate solutions.