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Stand Out & Take the Next Step in Hospitality

With 85% of travelers carrying phones, reinvent their travel experiences through effective customer communication. Through a secure communication platform, nurture passengers to booking conversions, give time-sensitive travel updates, and collect reviews and feedback. Travel experiences that will simply delight your customers.

Creating a seamless and highly tailored experience

As 70% prefer personalized communication, the hospitality industry believes owning data is key for personalization. Our intuitive interface allows the organization to build customized offers, upgrades, and add-ons to enhance all touchpoints in the consumer’s journey.

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    Be Available Everytime for Concern Resolution

    Handle user queries automatically before, during, and after the booking process, in real-time and remotely. Use Conversational AI in combination with Live Agents to provide consumers with assistance 24×7 and 365 days to reduce any bottlenecks in the user’s requests and concerns. Reduce excessive wait times and queues; replace emails and phone calls with instant messaging and WhatsApp.

    More Engagement with 2-way Messaging via WhatsApp and Text

    2-way communication continuously keeps the consumers engaged in the process, it is important to communicate with them through a platform of their choice. With WhatsApp Business API and various SMS APIs connect with the global customers by sending them alerts, notifications, and company updates, and receiving precious feedback and reviews for your business.

    Develop the Foundation for Interactive Session

    Connect your business with our AI-based bots and Human in the loop system to provide an interactive experience to the consumers. Engage, re-engage and follow up with customers with conversations by addressing them by their names, speaking in their language, and providing any other information they need.

    Java-Based SMS Application

    As some enterprises require Java-based message sending applications, hence Pinnacle has specially developed this message sending application that enables these enterprises to send text messages from their database server and maintain real-time delivery reports.


    Deliver your transactional, OTPs, and promotional messages securely and timely to the consumer.



    Power up the campaigns with the most cost-effective and high ROI email solutions.

    WhatsApp Business API

    WhatsApp Business API

    Reach more than 2 billion users with fast, reliable, encrypted, and AI/ML-enabled WhatsApp Business API.