IoT – Internet of Things

Messaging and 24 Billion* IoT Devices

With an estimated 24 Billion IoT devices in the next couple of years, M2M & IoT communication has to be efficient, more reliable, and cost-efficient and at the same time save the most precious resource, battery life. Right in the center of the ring of solving such a huge industry challenge, SMS has established itself as one of the most dependable and cost-effective communication avenues for M2M (Machine 2 Machine) and IoT communication. Time and again, SMS as a messaging channel has proven its efficiency, reliability, and exceptional reach to advance M2M & IoT communication. Let us walk you through the continued vital role SMS will play in M2M & IoT communication.

24 Billion IoT devices talk to each other & to You

A whopping 24 Billion IoT devices need to communicate, and M2M & IoT communication. Though often very advanced data-rich communications take place between the M2M & IoT interactions, most of the use cases rely extensively on the humble SMS channel.

SMS for Cost-Efficient M2M and IoT Communication

Many of the M2M and IoT use cases require simple battery-powered sensors to communicate data points such as temperature, power, security, humidity, weight, distance, etc. When it comes to sending and receiving limited information SMS is the go-to channel due to reliability, reach, and cost-efficiency. Communication mentioned above hardly needs to be through active data connection. Instead, of piggybacking on the signaling system in mobile networks using SMS technology, it is much easier to transfer essential amounts of data. When such communication is handled by SMS, it eliminates the need for active data connection saving critical battery consumption and operational costs.

SMS as an IoT Trigger

Devices such as gas & electric meters, critical sensors, and other advanced IoT devices need an active data connection all the time to transmit complicated data. This also means that the battery consumption will be compromised resulting in higher maintenance, operational and logistical costs. However such devices may go to sleep when not in use. SMS in such cases can wake up the devices to trigger an IP session to send and receive complicated data.

The 5G Revolution and IoT

It is a well-known fact that the rollout of 5G services will supercharge the growth of IoT devices with many new use cases in the making. At the same time, it is pretty clear that most of the use cases, old and new, will rely heavily on the humble SMS. Looks like this messaging channel is a clear winner helping the widespread adoption of IoT & M2M communication.

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