Why partner with PinBot?

Get Started in Minutes

Get Started in Minutes

We take our partners on priority. We assign an account manager to work hand in hand to ensure you offer the best possible bot.

Rich Features

Rich Features

We empower our partners with all possible features for their clients, with no restrictions. You decide on the experience you want to deliver.

Multilingual messaging

Multilingual messaging

Message in multiple languages that enables to reach anyone, on any phone, anywhere in the world.

Provide 24x7 Support

Provide 24x7 Support

Create live chats to provide support and speedy answers 24x7.

PinBoT is becoming smart

Do Live chat with our BoTs
Customers prefer live responses rather than just another means of communication

Customer Support
Our BoTs are manning customer helpdesks

Our BoTs understand domain
Pre feed data to our BoTs to answer queries from your specific industry

Set Auto Responses
Our BoTs intelligently analyses customer inputs and replies with pre-set responses

Measure BoTs effectiveness
Analytics dashboard for metrics like BoT conversation time, Total conversation time, BoT containment rate

Add Personality to BoTs
You create a custom avatar for your BoT

Personalise Responses using AI
Our BoTs access customer history to personalise responses and capture customer sentiment

Human Support
BoT smoothly handovers to live agent

Why Choose Pinnacle PinBot Services?

Button and NLP response capturing

Share Video, Audio, Image, and GIFs with your clients

Dynamic Webhook Integration into your custom applications

Drag and drop editor for creating chatbots

Connect with the audience using multi-lingual campaigns

Analyze customer behaviour and response with detailed reports

Integrate PinBot with your website or many more channels 

Reliable technology to achieve high ROI

Endless possibilities to create the best user experience

Benefits for You