Make your Business Interactive with Pinnacle IVR

IVR is one of the most popular offerings from Pinnacle with over 1000 modules deployed so far. Our IVR solutions have been extensively used in important industries such as banking & insurance, telecom, travel & aviation, retail & e-commerce, healthcare, education, hotels & hospitality, automobile, real estate and logistics. Scalability, vernacular support, personalization, quick deployment and 24×7 support make our IVR offerings one of the best in the industry.


Reach your customers in any part of the world in the language of their choice and a voice that speaks your brand’s identity. Our cost-efficient IVR solutions promise to deliver a high ROI. 

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Outbound Dialer

Outbound Dialer

With 90% efficiency and consumer outreach, enable your organization to attain higher ROI with our OBD Service.

Inbound Call Service

Inbound Call Service

IBD enables your company to operate 24x7 and 365 days for solving your consumers’ queries and offering them a seamless experience. It helps reduce higher infrastructure and operational cost.

IVR <small style='font-weight: normal'> (Interactive Voice Response System) </small>

IVR (Interactive Voice Response System)

Reduce handling times by 50%, improving the first contact resolution rate and enhancing the consumer experience.

Missed Call Numbers

Missed Call Numbers

Create an economical marketing strategy to acquire high-quality leads and collect consumer feedback or responses to enhance your business solutions.

Toll-Free Number Solution

Enable your consumers with a quick and user-friendly way to connect with your business and never miss any business lead. Take the first step toward improved client accessibility by using an easy-to-remember 1800 and 1860 number series that streamlines communication and provides 24×7 service.


Increase the chances of getting more calls and improve your sales by 30%. Get real-time reports and statistics about all the calls received and missed calls to monitor your customer support representatives.

Voice Bot

Bid farewell to long queues as your organization can now address multiple concerns simultaneously.


Our NLP-based bot is capable of understanding and responding not just to global languages but also understanding the local dialects, accents and user intents. This enables your enterprise to improve your customer satisfaction by 60% and reduce your operational cost by 45%.

Why choose Pinnacle?

Maximum reach with multi-lingual campaign

Auto redial-multiple retry mechanism for an unanswered call

Missed call and IVR solution enables lead creation and consent gathering

Voice recording feature provides a rich and expressive connection with your users 

With our IVR and Toll-Free solutions, you can provide phone support 24x7

Reliable and fast APIs ensure mass voice calling from your system

Less consumer spending with a higher return on investment

Automate your calling handling with the call forwarding feature

Reduce your operational costs by minimizing your telephonic architecture and manual intervention

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