Revolutionize Healthcare Conversational Experience

Transform patient-doctor engagement with trusted and scalable conversational solutions. Any organization with a healthcare business must opt for an automated conversation experience for both patients and doctors. Improve doctor-patient connectivity by easing up the onboarding, appointment, test booking, and report sharing process.

Reduce Calls and Automate your Services

With WhatsApp, Messaging, and Voice Bot, 20x fewer call center executives are needed to meet enquiries, and logistics for customer testing needs have been simplified. Simply set AI-bot responses for the patient’s requirements and concerns, and save up to 30% on operational costs.

Ease up Processes for Patients

Enable patients to receive automated messages to confirm doctor appointments and prescription updates for them to remember dosage amounts and times. This also enables the company to be in constant touch with the patients.

Personify your Healthcare Business with an Online Presence that carries Empathy & On-Time Conversations, Try Today!

    Evaluate your Services with Faster Feedback

    Create your own feedback form by using AI bots or survey links and send it to your patients after they have used your services. This will help your business evaluate the patient’s satisfaction rate.

    Enhance Internal Communication

    With Messaging and WhatsApp services and APIs integration, healthcare organizations can enhance internal communications. Notify the staff and team regards the update in shift timing and any other time-sensitive details such as emergencies, OT wait times, new patient registrations, and more via our secure services.

    24x7 Customer Support

    It is obligatory for healthcare organizations to be available 24×7 and 365 days. Stay connected to the patients with our AI bots and build loyalty by being available for them to resolve their queries whenever they need any resolutions.

    API and Plug-in Integration are available with Major Application

    Pinnacle has developed Messaging, Email, Voice, and WhatsApp APIs and Plug-ins for healthcare organizations to integrate them with their own existing CRM or application. This will save the training period required for using the new system.


    Deliver your transactional, OTPs, and promotional messages securely and timely to the consumer.



    Power up the campaigns with the most cost-effective and high ROI email solutions.

    WhatsApp Business API

    WhatsApp Business API

    Reach more than 2 billion users with fast, reliable, encrypted, and AI/ML-enabled WhatsApp Business API.