How to run successful SMS Marketing campaign

SMS serves as a quick and convenient way for people to communicate globally in today’s world. According to, SMS open rates will hover from 90% to 99%. In fact, 90% of SMS are opened within 3 minutes. The remaining percentage points depending on the timeframe as 99% are opened within 20 minutes. Users will be most persuaded to open an SMS if the notification’s preview content catches their attention. Opening the message with a greeting and then the most significant keyword(s) (e.g. discount) is an excellent strategy to have it unlocked. However, Click-through-rates are estimated to hover around 5% to 10%.



SMS marketing, or text message marketing, is a simple yet effective communication medium through which organizations may send their customers updates, promotional messages, and logistical information. Moreover, Text messages are being used by brands in a variety of industries, including fashion, healthcare, retail, food delivery, Travel, Hospitality and many more.When it comes to the general engagement of a usual client lifetime, text messages are more trusted by users.



Organizations need to be careful while leveraging this service so as not to mess up a channel where long-term relationship is being looked at!



Suggested ways to help enhance SMS MARKETING CAMPAIGNS:

Seek Permission:

As a brand, don’t bombard or spam customers, since it might lead to negative perception for the brand. Also, local laws may prohibit such kinds of practices. Hence, try and get permission from users via opt-ins.


Opt-ins can be easily gathered using emails, SMS, forms, Checkboxes, Advertisements asking users to text something for subscriptions. This will have two benefits–1. Target and filter real client base. 2. Brand perception steers clear of spamming.


Keep message Short & Sweet

With only 160 characters to work with, message should be concise and valuable for consumer to be encouraged to respond positively.


There is a limited time window to keep prospective customers engaged and eager enough to read through the SMS. To make it viable keep the message short, to the point, and use the short time to market your brand.

Identify Right Timings:

Choose times when prospective customers aren’t busy, such as before or after work or around lunch. Send messages before 9 a.m. and after 9 p.m. as a general rule. Additionally, delivering communications at unusual hours may cause clients to unsubscribe from the service.


Right timing is very important when it comes to SMS marketing with need of the product or offer could be maximum around which portion of the day, week, or monthtargetingan effective positive response. Moreover, leverage AI & ML

(Artificial Intelligence and machine Learning) algorithms to determine the timing for prospective customers.


Suppose, you are in the food delivery business you can use modern AI and ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) algorithms to determine the best time to send SMS campaigns. Texts messages can be sent at times when people (in an area) tend to be hungrier. Like message texts can be sent late at night in students’ predominant or BPO/KPO areas.

Keep it Enjoyable & Interesting:

Fun SMS campaigns like quizzes, contests, and other activities for prospective customers can also be an exciting option. For instance, Starbucks ran an SMS quiz campaign to interact with customers and increase user knowledge about the brand. Also, Zomato sends funny and interactive notifications which are witty & eye-catching hence it does not annoythe user and serves as a retention tool also.

Perform Data Analysis:

Organizations need to be aware of what worked in the past to make data-driven decisions and establish targets for future efforts. Keep track of demographic-based performance indicators and utilise the trend report to see how audience responds to SMS campaigns over time.


Understanding the area, time, age group, gender, jobs, etc are some metrics that can set a campaign and understand which Target Group (TG) is responding better and that future campaigns can be run.

Play the field & test campaigns:

Testing, testing, testing until campaigns get enhanced. A/B testing (simple randomized controlled experiment) of SMS marketing will help figure out which option performs best.


Leave something on results the best campaign cannot be known in the first go. Hence, organizations need to keep testing and monitoring campaigns which will eventually end with identifying the best possible combination of what campaign to run for different kinds of results. This will become USPs of organizations and help in customer retention.

Easy Opt-Outs:

Subscribers should be able to opt out of messages with ease. Even the most devoted consumers want assurance that they have a way out.

For example, use “STOP” as an effective opt-out so that a user can stop the texts anytime they wish to do so.


Using creative & more interactive texts Businesses can create values & sense of style in minds of customers. Also, it is believed that SMS Marketing will increase exponentially in the coming years and open up huge marketing opportunities for businesses!